Hub Criativo do Beato will be home to Claranet‘s innovation units. This will be the company’s innovation nerve center in Lisbon and Claranet will hire for various positions.

In an interview with António Miguel Ferreira, Managing Director of Claranet Portugal, we wanted to know better the project that will be born here in the building of the former “Armazém das Grillas” and “Supermercado”.

What kind of services/activities will be installed and why the choice of Hub Criativo do Beato to implement this new work space?

AMF- Claranet will install its innovation units (Claranet Labs) and operation in the areas of Cloud, Cybersecurity, Workplace and Data Science at the HCB. We will also have Claranet University for on-the-job training in these areas.

Facade of the future building of Claranet at Hub Criativo do Beato
© André Vieira

Claranet will introduce a new hybrid workspace model, with a focus on innovation and sustainability. The project is based on an innovative architectural concept, based on different open spaces that emphasize sustainability and socialization between employees – do you want to give some practical examples?

AMF- The ex-libris of the space will be two interior gardens, with natural light, which employees will be able to enjoy in small meetings, in addition to visually filling the entire office. Natural light will be present throughout the space, which will bring comfort, but also reduce energy consumption. The interior design will emphasize the diversity and shape of individual workplaces and there will be numerous individual rooms, small, medium or large, to promote different types of collaboration and communication, either in person or in digital format. With regard to mobility and even before installation in the space, we are promoting actions so that our employees prefer public, shared or electric mobility, when traveling to and from the office, for example, offering electric bicycles or through a fleet of electric scooters.

Former “Armazém das Grillas” of the Military Maintenance
© André Vieira

The space will be able to serve around 500 employees, between fixed work areas and shared spaces for employees in remote and hybrid work mode, as well as meeting, training and leisure areas. Are the workers you mention already Claranet employees or will there be a reinforcement of the team, once installed at the HCB, to create jobs?

AMF- We will have around 350 to 400 employees at the beginning, but we expect to reach 500 within two years, so we plan to reinforce our teams, soon after the opening of this new office, which will be Claranet’s headquarters in Portugal, positioning us at the nerve center of innovation in Lisbon.

Former Supermarket of the Military Maintenance
© Sandra Pereira