We all know what the hot topic of the moment is: digital transformation.

Technology does not stop innovating and the ecosystem is not indifferent to this trend. The tech world changes every second and companies’ way of thinking is forced to keep up. Things that were previously impossible in our eyes, today are considered common in our daily lives, and even indispensable.

Human behavior is also impacted by these changes, which have to learn to follow evolution and live with new technologies. Artificial intelligence, automation of robotic processes, virtual reality, bioinformatics, and other innovations are part of the benefits of these advances and cause improvements in people’s quality of life every day. But, like everything, there is the opposite side of the coin.

Today, the technology sector must be keenly aware of its own impact. From one perspective, technology has improved human well-being, and from another, it has had consequences that are far from benign. Accessing and building information gives power to large global entities every day, and as we know – power comes with great responsibility. The year 2022 has shown us how this responsibility can play a role in society, not just as communication tools, but as dangerous means of action.

“Technology should be used to create, save and help people, not to destroy”, words of Olena Zelensky, First Lady of Ukraine, in the context of Web Summit 2022.

At Hub Criativo do Beato we have been hand in hand with technology since day one. It was with events and projects such as Unicorn Factory Lisboa, EEA Grants Seminar on Climate Change, Sónar+D, Entrepreneurship Awards, Europas Tech Startup Awards and much more, that HCB continues to be the meeting point for numerous initiatives that interconnect the Portuguese and international ecosystem and that we attract thousands of professionals from all over the world to Portugal to celebrate technology, innovation and creativity.

The principles of HCB are based on technology and innovation and, together with our partners and residents who are settling here, we contribute to constructive change. We use these new tools in favor of knowledge and we continue to work every day to be an engine of change with a positive impact on the world.

Discover some of the best moments of 2022 and start 2023 surfing the wave of innovation with us with the next news from our partners, neighbors and the ecosystem.