Over the last few years, we have followed the work of our neighbours and we believe that they played a decisive role in Lisbon’s rise to one of the most active and sought-after capitals in the digital and technological landscape. We have witnessed its remarkable journey towards innovation and creativity, contributing significantly to transforming the eastern part of Lisbon into an important geography of the city, while at the same time converting it into an emerging cultural and artistic catalyst. We invited  Jack the Maker to share their journey.


Introduce yourselves. Who are you and what do you do?

Jack the Maker (Jack) was born in 2016 to be a creative technology company where you could find some of the best creatives, engineers and makers, thinking and working together in order to merge the IoT with Advertising.  The result is what the founders Tiago Alvorão and Ricardo Espada call AoT – Advertising of Things. Thanks to this innovative concept, Jack the Maker’s mission was to make the impossible possible, on a daily basis, becoming a decisive partner to anyone who’s working in this new era of communication. 

Your project has a strong connection to technology, innovation and digital – do you want to explain how? 

Today, Jack is right in the intersection between creativity, technology & investigation. A Tech Innovation Power House that partners with industries, artists and brands to develop innovative products. Jack is where hardware, software and mechatronic meet to take a brand to new dimensions.

Exemple: to show how Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility works we decided to apply it into a football pitch billboard. Tapping into Nissan’s Moving Object Detection Technology we were able to position computer vision cameras to follow the game.

The ball was tracked and the data was transmitted in real time to the LED panels on the sideline, making the car literally follow the ball and being always in the place at the right time. Everyone that was watching the ball, was also looking at the car. Including fans, photographers, and TV cameras.


Did this relationship with technology and the digital universe have any impact on the success of your project?

Technology is the raw material from where we draw the solution that will make creativity come to life. Whether it is a new product, a new use of an old product, a new service, a new way of doing. So technology is the key in everything we do.


Why choose the western part of Lisbon to implement your workspace? How do you relate to the neighbourhood? Do you have or do you envision creating synergies with neighbours of Beato and Marvila?

We want to be an aggregator, to help to build a community around this new technologic and creative hub of Lisbon: Beato. A community focused on discussing and brainstorming about the new possibilities in an open lab format.

We want to demystify the tabus around new tech and fuel the creative minds of the community. This can only be achieved with regular content creation, talks, workshops and exhibitions. With that in mind we want to create a structured brand with a multi-platform presence that translates into a physical location inside our office, and for that we see our neighbourhood as the ideal location.