Marking the Week of Scientific Culture, based on the National Day of Scientific Culture (November 24), the Lisbon Museum opens, for the first time, the doors of Fábrica de Moagem for a series of visits and tours. This event will be a unique opportunity to discover a singular testimony of the industrial heritage of the city of Lisbon, through two distinct initiatives:

Lisbon of the Smokestacks (walking route from St.ª Apolónia Train Station to the Milling Factory on the 26th of November)

Smells like Flour in the East of Lisbon (guided visits to the Milling Factory on the 24th, 26th and 27th of November)



Founded in 1897, the Military Maintenance represented the broadest food supply complex for the Army, either through the production of various products, their distribution, and the implementation of a network formed by several branches, delegations, or messes across the country.

The head office, located in Beato, included administrative and logistical services, and an entire manufacturing area, mainly intended to produce food products derived from flour. In this complex, we highlight the Miling Factory, which transformed cereal into flour stands out, which was active until 2005.

In 2019, the transformation of the Moagem building began into a new museum space within the Hub Criativo do Beato, linked to industrial heritage and industrialization, promoted by EGEAC and the Lisbon Museum.


Images Credits © Museu de Lisboa © Pedro Aboim