Over the last few years we have been following the work of our neighbours who play a decisive role in Lisbon’s rise to one of the most internationally active and in-demand capitals in the digital and technological landscape. We have witnessed their remarkable journey towards innovation and creativity, contributing significantly to transform the eastern area into an important geography of the city, while turning it into an emerging cultural and artistic catalyst.

And for that, we honor the talent of our neighbours! 

We invited four to share their projects. From areas as broad as communication, 3D and motion graphics, post-production film, advertising, organization and social transformation, entrepreneurship, art and design, linked by innovation, technology and digital universe. 

We found that men continue to predominate in the creation of new projects, but we maintain the hope that society will evolve towards a more balanced leadership. We found, however, that they share other interesting characteristics: they are mostly projects with more than one founder, they operate in a community, with a team distributed in different countries, they present a prestigious portfolio of clients, and confirm a growth highly powered by innovation and technology. Let’s find out.

Jack the Maker – Tiago Alvorão and Ricardo Espada