Over the last few years, we have followed the work of our neighbours and we believe that they played a decisive role in Lisbon’s rise to one of the most active and sought-after capitals in the digital and technological landscape. We have witnessed its remarkable journey towards innovation and creativity, contributing significantly to transforming the eastern part of Lisbon into an important geography of the city, while at the same time converting it into an emerging cultural and artistic catalyst. We invited VoxelWolves to share their journey.


Introduce yourselves. Who are you and what do you do?

We are 2 artists. Rafael Vicente, portuguese, and Arjen van der Wal, dutch, united by a friendship that was born in a large VFX studio in Hamburg, Germany. Thus, VoxelWolves grew from the idea, from the need to create a joint project that would unite and enhance our creative and innovative impulses.

We wanted to develop a studio that could offer the best conditions to our artists, and with that, offer a better product to our customers. Deep down, we believed that it was possible to do more with less.

We knew that to create a differentiated offer, Portugal and more specifically Lisbon, was the most obvious solution due to the excellent living conditions, the good and qualified workforce and the top digital infrastructure.

VoxelWolves is a 3D animation and Motion Graphics studio, aimed at both classic advertising (print and TV) and digital advertising (online, social). We are also pleased to work with major brands from the most varied sectors such as Audi, Amazon, BBC, Nutella, LEGO or Puma.

Your project has a strong connection to technology, innovation and digital – do you want to explain how? 

Our studio is closely linked to technology and digital at all times of our process, from our artists who use a wide list of tools/software to develop their projects (Cinema4D, Houdini, Zbrush, After Effects, Nuke, etc. …), passing through the processing/rendering of images/films, through our own network computing (render farm), to the communication and delivery of these same projects (skype, dropbox, slack, etc…), always online, because 100% of our customers are foreigners.

Did this relationship with technology and the digital universe have any impact on the success of your project?

As we mentioned earlier, 100% of our business is online, and 100% of our work is done digitally, so it’s safe to assume that our project wouldn’t be possible without technology.

Why choose the western part of Lisbon to implement your workspace? How do you relate to the neighbourhood? Do you have or do you envision creating synergies with neighbours of Beato and Marvila?

In 2016, when we opened VoxelWolves, we were looking in Lisbon for a rough diamond, an area still underdeveloped, but with character and potential. This is exactly what Beato has provided us, from the proximity to the river, to the cultural and gastronomic underworld that has taken root, to the excellent digital infrastructure at the level of the best cities in the world, without forgetting the traditional Lisbon neighbourhood that you can feel in every street.

All of this made us fall in love with the neighbourhood, although it has its limitations essentially in terms of public transport, but there is a sensation that after 5 years the feeling has only grown, and has become part of the life of VoxelWolves employees, whether at daily lunches vegan at the Tribo da Terra restaurant, or in the Yoga-Spirit studio’s yoga classes, we feel a strong spirit of community and resilience.